New England School of Metaphysics
A School for Mediumship
Local Events


For more information on mediumship, go to



The Theosophical Society can be reached at


 Also, the National Association of Spritualist Churches

can be reached by as well.  Here are some of their

local events that may be of interest to students of metaphysics.


Visit Astrological Society of Connecticut at www.


For free spiritual ebooks, go to


A nationwide organization designed to aid and support bereaved parents and their families www.bereavedparentsusa.orgBereaved Parents Organization

A nationwide organization of bereaved parents. They offer friendship and support groups and one-to-one support in your

Compassionate Friends Organization

SIEC has the largest resource library in the world. They offer referrals to local support groups.


A.R.E. Association for Research & Enlightenment
The teachings of the famous Edgar Cayce.


Arthur Findlay College – Stansted Hall, United Kingdom
This famous school has trained some of the top mediums in the world. Residential courses in all aspects of metaphysics and training of psychic and mediumistic development.



 After Life
A site dedicated to the education of Afterlife Knowledge




























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