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Elaine Kuzmeskus


Elaine Kuzmeskus, Director New England School of Metaphysics

is a nationally-recognized medium. Among the séances she has conducted are

the Houdini Seance East Haddam, CT and a seance for the audience following

the play Blythe Spirit at the Long Wharf Theatre, New Haven CT.  She has

also been a presenter at Lily Dale Assembly in New York and the Learning

Annex in New York City.  In additon to mediumship, she is the author of  seven

books: Soul Cycles: Astrology 101 Connecticut Ghosts, Seance101, The Making of a Medium,

The Art of Mediumship,  and Dream Zone.  Her lastest book is Medium Who Baffled Houdini:


"Houdini the Magician Stumped,” proclaimed the Boston Herald in 1924. Who was this medium who baffled Houdini?   None other than Margery Crandon, the wife of a prominent Boston surgeon. She captivated not only Harvard professors, but the editors of Scientific American with her amazing physical mediumship which included floating trumpets, direct voice of spirit, and deep trance mediumship. While Sir Arthur Conan-Doyle championed Margery’s mediumship, Harry Houdini denounced her as a fraud. Was Margery Crandon too good to be true or was she the last of the great physical mediums?

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Elaine Kuzmeskus, M.S. Counseling taught  psychology and parapsychology at colleges

in New England for thrity years, and is the founder and  director of the New England School

of metaphysics.   She is Spiritualist medium, professional astrologer, certified by the American

Federation of Astrologers, a Karuna Reiki Master, and a professional hypnotist, certifed by the National G

uild of Hypnotists.

Elaine is available for

* Spiritual Readings    Communication with loved ones and guides.

* Astrological Charts    For individuals  and couples.

* Hypnosis Sessions-- Past life regression, stress management, weight loss

                                            test anxiety, and smoking cessation.

* Reiki Sessions               Promotes healing through energy balance.

* Public Events                 Gallery Readings, Seminars, & Classes


If you wish an appointment, please call the office at  (860) 668-0373.